Hanoi, Vietnam

Sophisticated, practical and sustainable, Unios’ Chelsea Showroom proudly calls itself a one-of-a-kind lighting facility in the heart of Vietnam’s capital city.

The showroom delivers Unios’ desire to combine a highly functional workplace and a beautifully architectured showroom where beautiful luminaires can shine under the best possible settings. The showroom also represents Unios’ promise of sustainability by using desks and tables made entirely of recycled materials and multiple tower gardens for decorative and air-purifying purposes.

Embracing open-space architecture, the showroom features multiple display areas alongside a working space, a meeting room, a telephone booth, and a mezzanine, including a multi-functioning space and the Display Box. These rooms connect with one another seamlessly through the strategically use of textured walls and glass panels, all-encompassing a futuristic aesthetic. The display box, in particular, features high-end materials and equipment to recreate multiple scenes, where different lighting measurement metrics are visualised, and Unios’ luminaires’ capabilities are showcased. With audio guidance, the box compasses customers through a sensational lighting experience.

The highlight of the space, of course, is the play of light. From the entrance, customers will be greeted by the comfortable luminance of the Portal Pendant, followed by the sight of many garden towers. Illuminated by the Aeon FlexKobe and Scope trio, the towers exude a relaxing vibe, creating the perfect and lasting first impressions.

Lighting Unios’s reception and indoor space are the LX Infinity Honeycomb, with the assistance of the FX and the Titanium Starlight in the working area. This arrangement highlights the LX’s lighting output while showcasing the variations of the FX and accentuates the Titanium Starlight‘s beautiful design. Furthermore, to create the most comfortable environment, all Unios luminaires were selected for their ability to reduce glare with a UGR of <13. 

The luminaires display section, in particular, is designed to perfection. Lighting each display shelf is the Eclipse. The fixture renders warm and indirect light to the structure, effectively adding ambience and class while making each display item more eye-catching. Meeting accent and ambience lighting needs, the Iris Wall LightTitaniumParticle, and Shift out add interest to the display wall and ceiling.

Beautiful and truly unique, Unios’s Hanoi Showroom guarantees to catch the eyes of any passerby.


Interior Design: Baeteman & Tạ
Builder: Kingsmen Vietnam
Effect Painting: Kien Thach
Lighting Consultation: Unios Vietnam
Photographer: Oki Hiroyuki

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