Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Sits on the riverfront of Saigon River, Unios Diamond Island Showroom captures the balance between natural and artificial light for comfort, aesthetics and functionality.

Designed to showcase Unios’ lighting solutions for various purposes, the showroom introduces not only multiple luminaire display and experience areas but also a working space, several meeting rooms, a fully functioning dining area and a reception site. These captivating spaces tie together by cleverly installed light fixtures and muted palette of concretes and metal.

Unios Diamond Island Showroom sees a creative installation of Eclipse for ambience and mood. Specifically, Casambi-controlled Eclipse Strip Lights exude customised coloured illuminance, reflecting on the paired canvas that is the industrial curtain, for an illusion of falling light streams. These strip lights are also installed at the foot of each pillar to soften their industrial vibe and harness colour harmony throughout the showroom. During the day, the lights exude bright colours to support general lighting tasks. After hours, they are vibrant in colourful palettes, indicating a time of leisure and fun.

Sleek, minimal, and featuring industry-leading glare reduction, the LX Infinity Honeycomb is responsible for lighting the office space. Crafted in Australia, the luminaire range is customised to the space, allowing a lighting design that follows architectural intent perfectly.

A highlight of the showroom is the afloat lounge at its heart. Footed by an indented insulated mirror, the design creates an illusion of a room floating on air. This creative take on the room layout represents Unios’ constant thriving for creativity and exploring industry limits. Illuminated by a brilliant combination of Aeon Flex, FX Spotlight and FX Orb Light, the room is undoubtedly a treat for the eyes, by the lights.

It would, of course, not be a showroom without well-intended luminaire display areas. There is a Downlight section where industrial curtains can be closed off for the best lighting effect, followed by a Tracklight and Wall Light section that installs a hexagonal colour palette for sampling colour rendering purposes. Under these settings, Unios’ luminaires, such as the Kobe, Particle and Titanium family, can shine in the best conditions.

Committing to sustainability by keeping the original site’s layout, Unios Diamond Island Showroom embeds the construction proof and installs lighting with great intent, allowing raw material to shine and curating a unique industrial aesthetics to the whole space.

Unios Diamond Island Showroom is a sum of its parts, making the place a lighting wonderland.


Interior Design : Baeteman & Ta
Builder: MQD Interior Decoration
Lighting Supplier: Unios Vietnam

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