Launceston, Tasmania

Launceston is a wondrous place of fun, adventure, pristine wildlife, and for many young adults, knowledge and experiences. In the heart of such a vibrant city, the University of Tasmania establishes itself as an accessible and welcoming choice for education, providing a unique student experience and a hands-on, interactive learning approach.

In 2019, the university built the new Library at Inveresk to support students during their transition to a city-based campus. The building is designed with a sense of discovery and light to inspire creativity and knowledge. To adopt such a comfortable and intriguing vibe, the play of lighting is particularly important.

From the outside, the building stands out with its unique structure and a notable entrance. The Eclipse illuminates the library’s access with its ambient and relaxing light. The luminaire harmonises with the textured orange wall, resulting in an eye-catching entryway for any passerby.

Inside, the Kobe Spotlight is responsible for highlighting the key features of the library: multiple bookcases, beautiful study areas near the window, and a wall-length art piece, to name a few. The warm light of the Kobe, combined with the LX Infinity‘s white light throughout the floor space, creates a relaxing yet modern aesthetic, perfect for studying and creative activities. In addition, to assist with wayfinding, a series of Eclipse was installed alongside the staircase, effectively adding to the library’s aesthetic.

Beautiful, practical and catering to life-long learning and community engagement purposes, especially to the disadvantaged groups, the building is all one can ask for in a library and new heart of the campus.


Electrical Consultants: Integral Group Australia
Architect: John Wardle Architects
Lighting distributor: Southern Lighting & Distribution
Engineers: Engineering Solutions Tasmania
Electrical Contractors: Degree C
Photographer: Anjie Blair

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