Vung Tau, Viet Nam

In the heart of Bai Sau Beach, Vung Tau (Vietnam) nestles Vias Hotel – a luxurious stay comes together by a brilliant combination of contemporary architecture, modern interior decor and snazzy exterior lighting.

Features a copper-gold tone and well-designed luminaire solutions that accentuate the building’s unique shape; Vias Hotel’s exterior proudly stands out from its neighbours.

Developed to bring about the optimum luxuriousness and comfort, lighting design was, of course, carefully considered by Vias.

It was concluded that the lighting solution must accentuate the building architecture and assist wayfinding, all while elevating the high-end vibe of the space. Able to satisfy these criteria alongside minimal glare and outstanding lighting effects, Unios‘ lighting solutions were chosen to illuminate multiple areas of the Hotel.

For its dot-free illumination, high customizability and unmatched flexibility, both variations of the Aeon Flex Linear Lights were seen featured throughout the Hotel. Trust the Aeon Flex Essential to flexibly embrace the building’s exterior, the Infinity Pool and the outdoor railway for navigating at night. With high resistance to water and dust, the luminaire is the perfect installation for outdoor applications.

The Aeon Flex Pro continues the glam with its appearance in the Lobby, Lounge Room and pairs up with Particle Downlights in the Grand Ballroom for general lighting tasks. Hidden inside the plastered ceiling, the luminaire exudes indirect luminance for optimum comfort. Sharing the same vibe is the small meeting room, where the Eclipse Linear Lights are hidden behind the wooden wall panels for ambience, and the Cafeteria, where installs the Axis Track Lights for wayfinding.

Vias Hotel would not be able to complete its luxury if it were not for the modern art decor and furniture. Lighting the stairwells is a series of Ovo Wall Light, casting a circular beam on walking surfaces with its striking concave design. The stairs lead to the second floor, where a series of Shift Out Downlights illuminate the furniture and art decor beautifully. The FX Darklight was also used to illuminate the arts for its minimal glare and ability to hide the light source.

Come to Vias to relax in one of the 152 stylish suites, delve into the luxurious Infinity Pool and Ocean View Garden, treat your appetite to international and local specialties at the Garden Restaurant, and socialise in the Sky Bar and Business Lounge. Vias Hotel is, without a doubt, worthy of its Best Beach Hotel award at the Luxio Asia Awards 2022.

Design: Artius Architecture & Interior
Lighting Supplier: Unios Vietnam
Photo: Valor Studio

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