Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Tucked in an old alleyway of central Saigon, Tan Dinh Villa presents itself as a simple box from the outside. However, when you enter the residence, the magnificence and magnitude unveil multiple living areas and green spaces, connected by the open layout and interplay between light and darkness.

Adorned with green spaces throughout, this home showcases the perfect design for a harmonious balance between natural and artificial lighting. According to MIA Design Studio – the architect of Tan Dinh Villa – the primary concept is to create a living space that floats above the mini-garden, portraying that feeling of “walking on bridges.” The Apex Downlight was selected throughout the home to provide comfortable transitions from light to dark and vice versa as the day progresses and residents move between living areas.

Another unique feature of Tan Dinh Villa is the mini pond in the centre of the home. Utilising the mirroring effect, the pond collects pieces of the Saigon sky and creates a peaceful and scenic heaven-like atmosphere. All areas of the house are connected through this green zone, between the plants, water and light. For the outdoor, the Emerald Uplights are expertly arranged to add elements of depth and luxury to the home.

Located in one of HCMC’s most condensed areas, MIA Design Studio effectively uses a roller shutter system to create a distinction between the outside and the inside. True to its intention, Tan Dinh Villa is the perfect home allowing its residents to take a break from the busy lives of Saigon.

Architects: Mia Design Studio | Nguyen Hoang Manh
General Contractor: Thanh Phat
M & E Contractor: Khai Minh
Mechanical Contractor: Coppha Builders
Lighting Supplier: Unios Vietnam
Photographer: Oki Hiroyuki

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