Brisbane, Australia

With the design intent to build ‘houses in the sky’, Walan Apartments is a modern take on the traditional Queenslander home. Located at Kangaroo Point, the building has been designed with an east facing ‘vertical forest’ and a floorplate that mimics the size of a house with a natural connection to the outside. The lighting solution was designed to complement the unique design attributes of the building with a level of sophistication and practicality.

The careful balance of a simple, practical and refined lighting scheme was made possible through a variety of Unios luminaires, which achieved the high quality expected from the apartments while satisfying budget requirements. The solution from each luminaire was to connect the outdoors within, as open-plan living spaces take advantage of the panoramic views.

A fundamental pillar to the success of the lighting design was the integration between light and the architecture. The lighting required flexibility and an ability to adapt effortlessly to its surroundings – no matter what the occasion. A highlight of the lighting design is the elaborate incorporation of Aeon Flex across the exterior facade on each level which highlights the mix of dusty reds, browns and yellows, that create a pattern of gradients across the tower’s elevations. The resulting effect is a perfect example of light and architecture working in cohesion.

To further emphasise the notion of ‘home’, in the 14-storey apartment building, each residence has a unique, pocket garden reminiscent of a more suburban garden. Breaking the mould of apartment builds within the last decade, Walan represents a new era of design by blending the purpose of apartment living while encompassing the benefits of a home.* *

Luminaires in each penthouse apartment were selected to flow with the minimal interior design while delivering appropriate illumination levels throughout. The lighting design worked to complement the overall architectural design and interior appointments which further provide a luxury aesthetic that is second to none. Exceeding expectations, Walan Apartments is the first of its kind in Australia, embedded in the landscape of Kangaroo Point.

Architect: bureau^proberts
Lighting Engineer: Illumination Design Australia
Builder: Hutchinson Builders
Electrical Contractor: Kee Services
Lighting Designer: Illumination Design Australia
Developer: GBW Developments
Lighting Supplier: Lights & Tracks
Photographer: Angus Martin

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