Since our rebrand in May 2017, Unios has moved from strength to strength and continued to solidify the mantra of universal light in everything we touch.

Explore the guiding principles of 2018, the projects that embodied our values, the education that intrigued the market and how this impacted the evolution of our brand.

Luminate Edition #3


2017 was the year we introduced our guiding principle of “universal light” to the world. With this concept, came a commitment for 2018 – to live by this mantra in everything we do. Our philosophy of universal light would consist of four guiding principles; education, projects, tools and community, and follow us through the year with consistency and promise.


Universal Light was the result of an appetite from the industry for new knowledge around lighting and its role in the future built environment. With Australia’s leading designers, consultants and lighting experts coming together to help share their experiences and perspectives, the result was monumental for Unios.


Unios tackled 2018 with a thirst for innovation and a desire to explore new knowledge; in both design and education. The result of this appetite was our first white paper covering horticultural lighting, which was supported by the Flo Series.


The question was asked on how to streamline the lighting specification process – what resulted from this was nine long months of planning, designing, finessing and building the Unios Toolbox. We applied the guiding principle of “universal light” to the platform, and further positioned ourselves as a resource; one that could simplify and synchronise the lighting specification process for architects, engineers and consultants.


Coinciding with our mantra of ‘universal light’ we reflect on 2018 with the landmark projects that came with it.


With 2018 coming to a close, we’d like to thank our family of distributors across every corner of Australasia and South East Asia; and the community of designers, architects, engineers, contractors and consultants who have contributed to another milestone year for Unios.
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