Light acts as an enhancer to both the built environment and the people that inhabit it. Our luminaires take into consideration both the architectural and human sides of lighting to create harmonious spaces in which we work and live in. Our 2019 product releases continue this philosophy.

Each and every project brings a unique set of requirements and challenges. Whether it is a boutique hotel or a large-scale public space, our luminaires are designed with versatility in mind rather than a singular application. Our focus is geared towards adaptable ranges that can extend across any number of project applications. In our upcoming 2019 collection of products, we have extended a number of existing ranges and developed entirely new designs for evolving trends in the market.

On the extension front, we have expanded upon our signature Titanium Series, the Akira Series and the Cuadro Wall Light. The Titanium Series becomes increasingly holistic with the introduction of surface mounted and suspended variations of the Titanium Starlight, a surface mounted variation of the Titanium Slotter Series and a new micro-sized Titanium Semi-Recessed. Introduced last year as a reimagined ceiling luminaire, the Akira Series has been broadened to include suspended and track mounted options. To provide more flexibility in pathway lighting, the Cuadro Wall Light can now be configured as a wider interpretation of a pathway luminaire.

To further align our product range with our universal light philosophy, we have developed a number of new luminaires ranging from recessed ceiling lights to our first foray into entirely new categories such as handrail lighting. The Compass Inground Series, Pilot Handrail Light and Link Recessed Wall Light signifies a major step forward in providing end-to-end solutions for outdoor architectural spaces. Each of these luminaires work independently and as a cohesive whole to bring outdoor spaces to life with ease.

Our range continues to evolve and grow with the needs of architects and engineers but our philosophy remains steadfast – a universal light that can meet the individual demands of each and every project application. In the context of an industry that continues to evolve, we are assured in our product offering and in our R&D to innovate.

Users will be able to specify this product release on the Unios Toolbox in September, with products readily available for early 2019. For more information, give us a call on +61 8 9248 1888 or email us at

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