We navigate through known spaces with ease, but what happens when we find ourselves in a new location or in a stressed state-of-mind?

For example, you arrive at a building and need to find the company where you have an interview for your dream job. Or it’s game day, and due to train delays, you have 15 minutes to find your seat. We look for signs, we look for clues to set us in the right direction.

Those working with the built form, realise the profound and complex impact a ‘place’ has on our sense of well-being, so much so that placemaking is now an acknowledged and intentional practice. And that wayfinding is an integral part of how we understand and engage with a place – is much more than signs and arrows.

Wayfinding is not just art but a science! Entro, based in Toronto, Canada, specialises in multi-sensory wayfinding. The focus is not only in terms of accessibility in the traditional sense but also in creating a more human-centred experience that considers how people think, feel, and behave in a space.

Read Udo Schliemann’s, Entro’s Principal Creative Director, Universal Light article Lighting and the Multi-Sensory Experience of Wayfinding.

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