Cities rely on façade lighting to bring vibrancy and safety to the urban environment. But what kind of facade lighting and at what level should it be?

Due to urban and often suburban buildings’ density, facade lighting should not be an individualist approach but a collective perspective. The ‘art’ of façade lighting is far greater than lighting one building aesthetically. For cities to benefit from façade lighting, tangible parameters and regulations should be developed and incorporated into the overall strategic plan.

facade lighting

How do we measure and assess the current city lighting signature? How do we create a standard that informs collaborative city planning for façade lighting in the city? In his Universal Light #5 article, Perfecting the formula to façade lighting in our cities, Jackson Stigwood, Director of A Billion Suns, proposes a few considerations:

  1. Façade zones
  2. Façade typology
  3. Colour and movement
  4. Lights out

To learn more about the methodology and how to adopt a more strategic approach to facade lighting that will ensure our city’s well-being for now and into the future CLICK HERE.


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