Modern architecture often takes a ‘square box’ approach with the flat grey walls blocking out the world. Why is it considered “trendy” to remove nature from our internal spaces?

Green architecture that embraces horticulture can provide both tangible health benefits and enhances our wellbeing.

Award-winning designer Steven Baeteman and founder of Baeteman & Tạ lives and designs by his ethos – Design that matters for the people who care. Over his 20 years in practice, he has continued to advance green architecture practice to enable nature to ‘intrude’ inside. Steven appreciates the benefit of incorporating greenery is not only a design element but an essential element to “support the humans.’“

Steven’s childhood in Belgium is the foundation of his inspiration—it was when time moved slowly, and nature was ever-present. Working in consultation with his clients, he strives to recapture the essence of their memories in the building design. He believes that everyone was more connected with nature as children, experiencing the world with wonder and awe.

The health benefits of green architecture are well documented. Greenery incorporated into a building can turn urban spaces back into something natural and beautiful while improving air quality. Scientists have found that simply viewing natural settings contributes to reducing emotional stress and mental fatigue.

To learn more about Steven’s approach and how he creates green architecture that implores us to explore In Universal Light’s ‘Creating Architectural Intrusions with Nature and Light‘.

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