After months of R&D, Unios is excited to announce the expansive product launch of the Particle Downlight Family, with three collections and various sizes.

As the perfect combination of form, function and technology, the Particle Family is perfectly engineered with lens technology to deliver absolute control over light distribution while minimising glare and light spillage. The Particle Family’s design and componentry are carefully considered to harness the lens technology deeply recessed into the black inner gimbal. This provides the ultimate in glare and beam control.


The Particle Accent

Engineered for accent lighting applications, the Particle Accent delivers focused light that is unobtrusive to the architectural surrounding. With the combination of lens technology and 30° of tilt, the Particle Accent is particularly suitable when lighting artwork and other artefacts. The Focus allows you to direct asymmetrical light precisely where you need it, precluding any undesired shadows from hindering the viewing experience.


The Particle Focus

Ideal as a navigation lighting solution, the Particle Focus was formulated with a pinspot design and low glare characteristics to create atmosphere. The beam light the area of interest without adding unnecessary brightness to the pathway. With a small aperture, the luminaire appears subtle on ceiling space, preserving the overall design aesthetic and architectural intent.


The Particle Downlight

With four sizes and a 20° adjustable gimbal, the Particle Downlight allows you to direct the light exactly where you need it, making this collection the most accommodating of lighting solutions. Additionally, the black inner trim grooves create a refined contrast within the Particle Downlight fitting. This unique design is both a feature and a practical element to assist in glare control.

After an extensive R&D process that scrutinised every component, the Particle Family is brought to life, representing the Unios product vision — beautiful design, high performance and simplified lighting.


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