Introducing the Vespa G2, a wall luminaire range designed for optimum comfort. Available in two distinct sizes that allow for two different outputs, the Vespa G2 is an outstanding contender for indirect lighting applications.

The Vespa G2 is equipped with Unios’ flicker-free driver and a specially assembled lens that allows for a 40° asymmetrical light beam. As a result, the luminaire delivers indirect light with zero colour aberrations and minimal glare at high output, adding depth and height to the interior while ensuring the comfort of occupants.

Not just a regular wall light, the Vespa G2 also carries Unios’ promise of sustainability in manufacturing. Implementing an extrusion process in production, the wall light comes with a purpose-built luminaire body made with only the required materials. This process lessens additional subtractive manufacturing methods like CNC machining, resulting in a reduction in not only material wastage but also machining time.

Vespa G2’s essence in engineering is wrapped up in a minimal package. With an angular shape and two finishes, the wall light defines minimalism in outdoor and indoor luminaire design. Taking ease of installation into consideration, the Vespa G2 also allows separate installation of electrical components for safety and installation simplicity.

Well-designed inside and out, the Vespa G2 is truly the jack-of-all-trades of indirect lighting wall luminaires.

Click here to learn more about the VESPA G2.

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