Introducing the ION R Series, the new Unios flagship downlight range that balances form, function, performance and universality. Comes in 3 models, 4 sizes and 3 mounting options, the ION R Series allows for 15,000+ customisations, crafted in Australia and ready in as little as 2 weeks.

The ION R Series is the culmination of our years of researching to understand our supporters’ needs. At every stage of its becoming, this series was purposefully engineered to make lighting easier for everyone, from our specifiers and contractors to end-users.

With modularity at the engineering forefront, the ION R Series fulfils our vision of creating a universal lighting solution encompassing various downlighting capabilities. This approach inspired the ION R’s extensive range of accessories, allowing various lighting effects and beam options in a beautiful engine built to last. These accessories can be configured across 3 models, Standard, Wallwasher and Vandal-proof, making the ION R Series a versatile downlight range suitable for any lighting requirement, from indoor to outdoor, horizontal or vertical.

Engineered for performance and built to last, the ION R Series offers industry-leading colour consistency, Tunablewhite technology, compatibility with a range of drivers and Bluetooth services, and more. Trust the ION R Series for your project, as every element of this highly anticipated downlight range is meticulously designed to deliver lasting and consistent performance over the product’s operational lifetime.

Click here to learn more about this Unios flagship downlight range.

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