Since its launch in 2015, Unios has grown the Titanium from a downlight family to an extensive series of ceiling luminaires.

The superior design aesthetic combined with the practicality of easy installation and remarkable performance makes this downlight series perfect for all project requirements and applications.

Known for its industry-leading colour consistency, low glare rating and high CRI, the Titanium Series also includes a variety of mounting options, lenses and accessories. As a part of Crafted in Australia, the Titanium allows customisation of the luminaire to best suit the project aesthetic.

This year, the Titanium Series expands to include a new heatsink, gold finish and streamlined electrical componentry and accessories. The Titanium Surface Mounted/Suspended Downlight is updated with a smaller size, improved IP rating and a built-in flicker-free driver.

Click here to learn more about this exciting upgrade to the Titanium Series!

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