Unios officially launched our latest catalogue series, Product Showcase Vol.1. This publication represents our vision to create a middle ground between a product guide’s technical aspects and a lookbook’s creative and inspirational elements.

Building on our brand’s philosophy, Lighting Simplified, the book promises to provide practical support and inspiration for construction industry professionals everywhere.

True to its name, this publication stemmed from our hope to engage in new creative dialogue in design and architecture as we showcase the pertinent aspects of our luminaire collections. With over 200 in-situ project images, the book demonstrates how global creatives interpret lighting and employ it as a medium to elevate their architecture and design visions. At the same time, it features our new datasheet format, including everything from design attributes and performance specifications to beam visualisation, all of which will equip you with a thorough understanding of our collections.

Designed in unison with our Unios Toolbox, this catalogue helps showcase and provide an overview of Unios products, while the Toolbox paints a more detailed picture through its intuitive user interface. Simply scan product QR codes to transition from the catalogue to our Toolbox to start configuring products and manage and collaborate with your project partners.

Click here to download Unios Product Showcase Volume 1!

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