After months of R&D, Unios is excited to announce the relaunch of the Pilot Handrail Series.

Because Unios believes in lighting simplified, we have streamlined installation and simplified the cabling process. Pilots are available in round and square, symmetric and asymmetric to accommodate different handrail constructs.


Remote DC-DC converter enables longer runs

Designed from the ground up, our remote DC-DC converter allows, the Pilot Handrail Series to span over significantly longer runs. Illuminate up to a distance of 150m using a standard 24VDC driver and 4mm2 cabling run. By using 3M™ Scotchlok™ connectors, installers can now run a single cable through the handrail, bypassing the tedious process of cutting and joining individual cables.


Performance and aesthetics

The Pilot Handrail Series is manufactured to withstand Australia’s harsh climate conditions. With high-grade metal and a UV resistance clip, clients can be confident in the luminaire’s durability. The unique mounting sleeve design works to prevent the luminaire from being pushed back into the handrail, eradicating ongoing maintenance.

The Pilot Handrail Series holds both an IP66 and IP67 rating. This means it can withstand powerful water jets and temporary immersion up to 1m, protecting the luminaire from the most severe wet weather conditions.

Public pathways and spaces are subjected to a variety of high energy impacts. The Pilot Handrail Series is rated IK10, indicating the highest degree of protection. The IK10 rating is regarded as highly vandal-proof and an assurance of safety.

The carefully designed wayfinding luminaire provides high-powered light from a small inconspicuous form factor. Enhance aesthetics and visibility in long runs – pathways, bridges, handrails, balustrades and stairways. The Pilot Handrail Series is usable in the internal environment, although it was purposely developed for outside applications.


Tiny form factor, huge impact

“At Unios, we are constantly striving to simplify lighting – in all aspects. Some never fully consider what impact such a tiny light has on the overall safety and aesthetics. Not only does the Pilot Handrail luminaire subtlety yet beautifully illuminate its surroundings, but our team has redesigned the Pilot for easy installation while providing the possibility of even longer runs than ever before. When we hear the market’s feedback, we see an opportunity to improve, and go back to the drawing board to ensure that we are continuously providing what our clients want.” stated David Ho, Head of R&D.


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