Introducing the Athena Collection – A meticulously engineered outdoor luminaire range with high resistance to impact and corrosion, perfect for all indoor and outdoor projects.

With two distinct models and four mounting options paired with a wide range of accessories and optics, the Athena allows for more than 800 customisations. Proudly Crafted in Australia, each Athena luminaire can be fabricated and customised to your project needs and available in as little as ten business days.

Equipped with industry-leading colour consistency, a low glare rating, and high resistance to the most extreme natural conditions and impacts, the Athena Collection’s lighting quality and longevity are out of the question.

In addition, the new catenary accessory expands your outdoor lighting capability as it allows swift installation on overhead cables in outdoor public spaces. As a result, the Athena series offers both safe movements for pedestrians and visual design options for lighting designers, making the series the ultimate installation for indoor and outdoor commercial projects.

Click here to learn more about this versatile ceiling and wall luminaire range.

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