Unios is proud to be an emerging Australian lighting brand who designs, engineers, customises and fabricates products at Unios HQ, Perth. To celebrate our local craftmanship, we are launching ‘Crafted in Australia’.

Unios has emerged as a formidable brand in the commercial and residential lighting industry in less than 10 years with an ongoing commitment to supporting local jobs and trades. Spanning over 6,000m2, Unios’ sprawling HQ includes an engineering and design R&D hub, a state-of-the-art fabrication facility, and one of Australia’s largest lighting inventories.

Founder Paley Ho commented, “Our localness makes us flexible and able to respond to project needs with a reduced lead time. We have launched ‘Crafted in Australia’ to assist our clients when specifying. Currently, there are 17 ‘Crafted in Australia’ Series, and we have aggressive plans in place to increase our local capabilities.

“Growing the business has meant a clear vision and steady determination. I established Unios in Perth, and I intend to continue to build the company here. We have invested in our facilities, our employees and our future. What’s important for our clients is that our warehouse has over 5,200 unique stocked items and over 100,000 customisable variations. Time-sensitive projects can be fulfilled swiftly and often ship in as little as 10 days.”

All Unios luminaires are designed and engineered in Australia, but the ‘Crafted in Australia’ designation appears on the hand-assembled and fabricated products. Hand-assembled products undergo final customisation of a myriad of components in Australia. Fabricated products undergo a manufacturing process from either parts or raw materials to create a finished product. To make these items easily recognisable, a ‘Crafted in Australia’ badge with the iconic koala hanging on a light will appear on all relevant Toolbox SKUs.











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