The EQ Series elegantly unites classic Unios design with pro-grade performance and simplified options. In the vast world of lighting options, the EQ Series meets your essential lighting needs with simplicity.

With four models, the EQ Series offers versatile lighting solutions that effortlessly elevate your lighting design. Each luminaire is available in the signature Unios Textured White (RAL9003) and Black (RAL9005) finish and either 3000K or 4000K. Backed by a 3-year warranty with a tested Lifetime 59,000h L70B10.

  1. EQ Essential downlight is a staple for everyday use. The EQ Essential delivers perfect lighting with minimal fuss.
  2. EQ Comfort downlight is a low glare downlight option designed to create the most comfortable of environments.
  3. EQ Tilt downlight is tiltable up to 20º. The EQ Tilt Downlight is designed to put your prized possessions in focus.
  4. EQ Track light is compatible with the MX1C single circuit track system. The EQ Track Light is the ideal solution for your evolving needs.

From residential, multi-residential, to hospitality, there is an EQ for every scenario. The simplicity of design and top-selling configurations makes the EQ Series unremarkably brilliant.

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