This is the story of how lighting can truly impact our safe havens. 

The beauty of a well-designed home is only as good as the lighting that illuminates it. Great lighting does not happen accidentally but through much care and design intent. With an understanding of how we plan to utilise the spaces of our home, lighting can help enhance the atmosphere, draw attention to our most treasured possessions and create calmness as the day comes to a close. 

With 16 project features spanning over 180 pages, the first volume of Living with Light stands as a celebration of light in harmony with residential architecture and design from around the world. The book, available both digitally and as a hard copy, celebrates the creativity and craftsmanship of expert architects, interior designers, lighting suppliers, builders, and contractors whose works have shaped our definition of home.  

“Living with Light is an ode to our supporters and the amazing projects they work on daily”, expressed Ricky, Head of Retail at Unios. “This cherished book will live perpetually as a resounding inspiration to residential design and development for years to come.” 

True to its name, Living with Light is a pictorial exhibition of the experimental relationship between light and space and how a perfect harmony of the two can shape the home and enrich the living experience.  

Meticulously curated and beautifully presented, Living with Light is, without a doubt, the perfect addition to any professional and personal collection. 

Click here to get your digital copy of Living with Light Edition 1! 

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