Unios announces the opening of the Hanoi Chelsea Showroom through a grand celebration of light and lighting experiences. The event, named Living with Light, stays true to the name as it guides guests through an interactive adventure of illuminance and its stories: the history of light, the intertwining of light and architecture, and the human-centric development of the lighting industry.

The event’s highlight is the Unios Display Box – a one-of-a-kind experience room built to assist the visualisation of artificial light and its effects on human circadian rhythms based on colour theories. Starts with a low sodium monochromatic light for a greyscale effect and ends with a series of colourful luminance, the Display Box shines a guiding light on guests’ knowledge in the most interactive way possible.

Another memorable part of the night is Dr. Thanh Tran, co-founder of ASA Lighting Design Studio, sharing on the ‘Celebration of Light’. His witty jokes and charm, paired with unmatched knowledge, experience, and love for lighting, have undoubtedly sparked interest and left a memorable note on the audience’s mind.

After the success of Unios’ Diamond Showroom in Ho Chi Minh City, the Chelsea Showroom opening marks another milestone in Unios’ development in Southeast Asia. Living with Light is as much a celebration of Unios’ growth as it is a celebration of light, and we cannot wait for what the future holds.

Click here to read more about the Showroom.

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