The Association of Consulting Architects Australia (ACA) leads the national discussion on business matters in architecture with the state branches providing local networking and educational opportunities.

ACA members cover the spectrum of practice sizes – from sole practitioners to large practices – and include a range of business types, from individuals to partnerships and companies.

Founded in 1987, the Association then represented the interests of employers in industrial matters. Now, the ACA addresses the ‘business of architecture’ more broadly, with industrial relations as a vital core of activity. The ACA helps architectural firms navigate the changing world of architectural practices with regular advice and information as well as by advocating for better business practices and legislative frameworks.

Unios Founder, Paley Ho, commented, “Architects are vital – they make a significant contribution to our cities, environments, communities and culture. As the pace of change accelerates, successful businesses need to not only respond but evolve at hyper-speed. We understand that lighting is only one element of the overall build, but we are here to support with expertise. Unios looks forward to being ACA’s educational resource for the lighting curious.

We hope that by sponsoring the Business of Design Lunch in August, Unios demonstrates our support of the architectural profession. And, frankly, we all need an opportunity to catch up with colleagues, old and new, after the tumultuous start to 2020.”

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