After nine long months of planning, designing and building, we are proud to announce the much-anticipated arrival of Unios Toolbox. This synchronised online platform was created in consideration of the often difficult process which is lighting specification.

Unios Toolbox is a simplified and synchronised lighting specification platform which provides a universal platform for configuring, bookmarking, specifying and collaborating on luminaries for any project.

Say goodbye to product substitution, unmanageable specifications, and incomplete or inaccurate data. Unios Toolbox encourages total collaboration between relevant design partners with personalised accounts in this synchronised tool. The platform ensures photometric data does not vary and that coordinated decisions are made on light levels, effects and energy.

Encapsulating Lighting Specification online, toolbox entirely changes the way previously difficult lighting specifications has been done.

#uniostoolbox is the synchronised and simplified solution to the lighting specification process. Designed by us, for you.

Watch the video below to learn more or simply get started.

Join the revolution in lighting specification today
#uniostoolbox has arrived

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