Universal Light once again brings together nine leaders in lighting from across the globe. The publication has established itself internationally as a resource for the lighting curious.

The world around us is in a constant state of flux. There is a heightened awareness and more mindfulness about the environment and the space that we occupy. Our industry has always understood the influence of light on the built environment. We are now witnessing how that translates into new initiatives and reforms. Universal Light Edition 5 explores the impacts, innovations and opportunities to use light to improve our experiences.

For the past 20 years, Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst has given new life to the town of Unna by repurposing and enhancing the deep cellars of an abandoned brewery. The light art installations use the unique space and provide visitors with an all-encompassing experience to move and interact within the art.

Light art creates an experience, as does the use of light in the theatre and our built spaces. Both David Bird, the Godfather of Lighting, and Troy Merchant, Director at LED Outdoor + Architectural, began their lighting career in the theatre. David was one of the pioneering lighting designers in Australia who brought the perspective of how the industry and profession have changed over the decades. Troy has repurposed his theatre lighting nouse to bring about atmosphere to the homes of his clients. Troy’s article explores the 2021 lighting trends.

From the pioneering days, lighting has significantly changed in terms of technology and attitude. Both Udo Schliemann and Amy Clark look at the drawing power of light – both natural and artificial. Steven Baeteman discusses the importance of flora and light to support well-being in the built environment.

Just as building regulations are essential to maintain the health and safety of the residents, regulation of artificial light is imperative not only for comfort and well-being but for the environment. Julien Freed looks at the Australian Standards and how they positively influence design while questioning where to from here. Jackson Stigwood focuses on setting guidelines to control and regulate façade light at night to deliver a safe and sensible lighting signature for our cities.

Although most reading this article will think that seismic activity is non-existent in Australia, the most recent earthquake in Victoria is a wake-up call. For Class 2-9 buildings, Section 8 of AS 1170.4 (the Building Code of Australia) provides information about certain non-structural building parts and components that must be designed to resist horizontal and vertical earthquake forces. Our contributor Angie Ha discusses seismic events in relation to lighting.

This edition of Universal Light provides insight and learning on many different aspects of light, both beautiful and useful. There is a thread of mindful appreciation and recognition for our industry’s concerted effort to do better for the inhabitants and the world as a whole.


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