Universal Light once again brings together ten leaders in lighting from across the globe. The publication has established itself internationally as a resource for the lighting curious.

From the beginning of time, light has been the enabler of life and a medium that helps us understand the environments in which we live, work, play and connect. With the mission to empower further learning and awareness of lighting and its impacts, Universal Light Edition 6 explores the influences of light on humans and our nature, culture, and specifically on the lighting industry.

Light lets us see the surrounding world through its details, from colours, movements, and brightness. It greatly impacts a human in terms of physiology and psyche. Dr Thanh Tran, co-founder of ASA Lighting Design Studio, and Martin Bevz, Illumination Engineer at LVX Global, celebrated the spectacles of light while highlighting the association between light, lighting and human wellness. Focusing on environmental wellness, Anne Truong, the Specialist Lighting Lead at WRAP Engineering, showed her appreciation for the aesthetics of lighting design while urging the adoption of environmentally conscious approaches to wildlife conservation.

Light has a cultural history. In architecture, light can represent culture and reflect on the progression of society. Rebecca Wong and Benjamin Chan perfectly captured the advancement of façade lighting techniques from the ancient day to modern China. Touching on cultural preservation, Horatio Burton walked us through Electrolight’s highly technical yet artistic approach to lighting Olderfleet, a heritage site on Collins Street. Similarly, architect Ho Mong Long honoured Vietnamese traditions as he discussed Vietnam Design Week 2021.

Lighting dictates how a space “feels”. It is not only about visually transforming the space but also about conveying an atmosphere through lighting. Damian de Wind from Mondoluce explained the significance of a customer-centred lighting approach for retail complexes. As the lighting industry grows, business models and technologies become topics for discussion. While Timo Pakkala contributed to the conversation by sharing his outlook on current innovation, Casambi’s approaches and their recent backing of the Matter Standard, Henry Luong took a different approach to technology as he predicted the inevitable future of B2B businesses in the lighting industry.

The sixth edition of Universal Light highlights diverse aspects of light and the lighting industries, emphasising the connection between light and people, culture and environment. 

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