Introducing the Unios DALI, a DALI-2-certified driver range that meets the DALI-2 specification’s rigorous quality and performance standards.

Available in 5 models, each with 8 adjustable outputs, the Unios DALI is compatible with most Unios products. Functionally designed and locally stocked, the Unios DALI offers market-leading specifications and quick turnaround at a competitive price.

As a member of the DALI Alliance, Unios is verified as a trusted manufacturer of DALI products. To be DALI-2 certified, the Unios DALI has undergone numerous rigorous quality tests to ensure its performance, interoperability, and functionality are at the highest level. This quality assurance, paired with a 5-year warranty, makes the Unios DALI extremely reliable. So have peace of mind when specifying this product for your project, as the driver will perform for years to come.

Click here to explore the Unios DALI’s potential.

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