Founded to honour Vietnam’s excellent products and creators in Communication Design, Furniture Design, Living Design, Decor & Object Design, Clothing Design, and Public Design, Vietnam Design Week (VNDW) 2021 is a significant milestone for Vietnam’s creative industry.

Hosted by VICAS, ASHUI Vietnam, ConsMedia, Hanoi Creative, and the Temple of Literature, VNDW 2021 carries the mission of promoting the past, elevating the present and shaping the future of Vietnam’s creative design industry.

True to this year’s theme, “Awakening Traditions”, the products featured and exhibited celebrate traditional arts combined with contemporary design concepts and sustainable trends. Commencing on the 27th of November at the prestigious Temple of Literature in Hanoi, VNDW 2021 includes a series of activities such as exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and design shows within its seven days of celebration. The programs focus on showcasing a myriad of social and cultural concepts, from identity, diversity, fair trade to the fundamental values that influence how we define tradition in contemporary society.

Unios is honoured to be the lighting sponsor and contribute to this incredible milestone in Vietnam’s architecture and design industry. We are proud of our quality products and how they enhance the architectural structure of VNDW 2021, as well as the cultural artefacts exhibited throughout the event. We would like to send our congratulations to all the hosts and organisers of this prestigious and successful event.

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