Premium Lighting’s journey from an upstart Australian lighting brand to a global lighting brand has taken an enormous leap forward with Unios™; a new brand strategy for our business. Unios™ is a distillation of our vision for restoring balance in design, performance and accessibility to a fast evolving industry. We call it universal light. It is a light for every project, every application, every function.

The lighting industry has witnessed significant changes in the past six years since our foray into manufacturing LED luminaires began. The industry has continued to reinvent itself in recent years as it adopts continual advances in LED technology and manufacturing techniques. Where LED luminaires were the sole domain of high end brands in the past, smaller brands entered the market at increasingly lower price points.


What we believe was missing in the marketplace was a universally accessible brand that lived at the intersection of design, and performance. Our vision at the beginning of our journey, now and in the future will always be one of balancing refined design, precise performance and transparent value. Unios™ is the encapsulation of our uncompromising direction towards a more transparent and balanced future in the lighting industry.

With Unios™, there are two central pillars to our methodology in developing architectural luminaires – universality and transparent value. We define universality as luminaires with the scope and versatility to meet the demands of any application. Our luminaires aim to excel across many different types of residential and commercial applications. It is a central criteria in our design process.


We have built on a detailed understanding of the manufacturing process to allow us to maximise value for our customers without compromising in quality. We are genuine about providing design-led and performance driven luminaires to a wider audience. It is an audience that previously only had the option of low-cost and unreliable lighting solutions or excessive opulence.

This changing marketplace calls for new ways of thinking about how we design and manufacture luminaires. We are standing at the forefront of this change, building on a strong foundation in design and manufacturing pedigree to make quality luminaires more accessible than ever. It is a future defined by a universal light – a light for all.

To find out more, download our 2017 Catalogue here.

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