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Product Questions

Can I download images of Unios products?

Yes. Images of different finishes and variations of each product are available here.

Can I access IES files for Unios products?

Yes. IES files for products are available here.

Are data sheets for each product available online?

All data sheets can be download from their respective product pages or can be found here.

What formats do Unios BIM Objects support?

Unios currently supports Revit, ArchiCAD and Sketchup. Check each product page for the availability of each type. For other requirements and possibilities, contact

How do I use the BIM Objects?

Within each downloaded BIM object package, there will be a User Guide by Unios. You can find the guide to using the files through the PDF document. For more information, contact

Have your products been LM80 tested?

We use LEDs that are tested to LM80 requirements to meet the strictest performance and durability requirements. Please contact for more information about our LM80 testing procedures.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are designed and engineered in Australia with manufacturing materials being sourced from USA and Japan. The assembly process is through our state-of-the-art factories in China.

How do you determine the light quality of your LEDs?

There can be variations in colour temperature and light output between batches of LED chips. All our LED chips go through a sorting process called binning to ensure the strictest standards are met in consistency. You can view the Colour Deviation of all our products on their respective product pages.

What standard is used to classify led luminaires for outdoor and underwater conditions?

IP (Ingress Protection) ratings are universally used to determine a luminaire’s suitability for outdoor and underwater conditions. You can view our IP Chart here.

What is the warranty length for your products?

We back the design, build and manufacturing of each luminaire with an extended warranty. You can view the length of warranty on each luminaire here.

Installation Questions

Can I download instruction manuals for installing Unios™ products?

Installation manuals are available on each product page or found here.

Are your downlights DALI compatible?

Yes, our downlights are DALI dimmable. A separate electronic driver must be supplied for DALI compatibility.

Are your downlights C-Bus compatible?

Yes, our downlights are C-Bus compatible. A separate specialised driver must be supplied for C-Bus compatibility.

Do you have a guide for installing a low voltage landscape lighting scheme?

Yes, we have a Low Voltage Guide that provides recommendations for a low voltage landscape lighting scheme. You can view this low voltage guide here.

Do you have a guide for what drivers are suitable for your luminaires?

Yes, we have a Driver Guide that provides comprehensive information, measurements and power output. You can view this Driver Guide here.

Distribution Questions

Use the Distributor Locator to find your nearest distributor.

Use the Distributor Locator to find your nearest distributor.

Where can I obtain a catalogue?

You can download our latest catalogues here. If you require a physical copy of a catalogue, please call +61 8 9248 1888 or email

Do you sell your products online?

Unios™ products are only available through exclusive distributors throughout Australia and Asia. You can find your nearest distributor here.

Do you sell to the public?

Unios™ products can only be found at select distributors around Australia and Asia. You can find your nearest distributor here.

Website Questions

What is the product toolbox?

The product toolbox is a comprehensive product configuration and collaboration tool to help you quickly create and share a schedule of products for any project. With this tool you will be able to configure any product, collect specifications, share images and collaborate on a toolbox. For more information, contact

How do I use the product toolbox on the website?

You can find a step by step guide to using the product toolbox here. For more information, contact

How do I find a product that meets my requirements?

Use our comprehensive product filtering system here to find a product that meets your exact requirements. You can filter product types, finish, IP rating, colour temperature, power and beam angle.

How do I find a specific product?

To find a specific product, you can use the search button in the top right. You can search for products, projects and news through this search filter.

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